It’s a great addition to our list of literary periodic tables of elements. Leah Clark has designed for the independent publishing house…

Periodic table of literary villains

One of the best literary visuals of 2016 ⇢ Villains from literature on a periodic table of elements!

Blagues à caractère scientifique : une troisième contribution en images ~ Sweet Random Science

Pinner: Christmas fun with the periodic table of elements. The official "Chemis-Tree" Prepared by my daughter for a high-school science project.

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Blocks for brainiacs

ThinkGeek :: Periodic Table Building Blocks - Element Bacon Maybe if I'd had these as a kid my science comprehension would've been greater!

This Periodic Table of Suspension Exercises lists 119 TRX exercises arranged by muscle group and difficulty.  Click on any exercise for a video demonstration.  Enjoy!

Periodic Table of Suspension Exercises

What is this? These are tips for teachers and SLPs working with AAC users. How can this be helpful in the future? The table gives the facilitator an idea of how to effectively communicate the use of an AAC device to a new user. It is color coated for simple understanding (instructional and implementation tips, adult support tips, communication functions)

What an awesome quick look for AAC. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: The Periodic Table of AAC

Chem 105: Activity Two: Atom and Atomic Structure. Also a good explanation of periodic table

My Three Favorite Elements: Element Boron - B Atomic Number: 5 Atomic Mass Number: The two subatomic particles .

Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium HAHAHAHA! Some people need to look at the periodic table some more. K?

Go sit in a corner, & look at the periodic table. -- actually potassium is K in the periodic table so u go sit at the corner and look on the table the cat was right !

All 108 Elements of the Periodic Table Animated as Characters

All 108 Elements of the Periodic Table Animated as Characters

Periodic Table Black Leggings  Science geeks for the win! Slimming #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #leggings

Periodic Table Black Leggings