My absolute favorite thing about the summertime is all of the opportunities to be outside. Between hiking, going to the beach, hanging by the pool, or just going for a walk, there’s so much to do and so much time to ~*celebrate nature*~. The downside to all of this outdoor time? My hair seriously suffers. … Read More

21 Summer Haircare Tips To Protect Against Heat, Humidity, And Sun

Chanel Coco Blue & Blue Rebel & Blue Boy

Chanel Coco Blue & Blue Rebel & Blue Boy ✱For toes, luv blue toenails.

Featured Hairstyle: Elstile; Wedding hairstyle idea.  Check out WTF IS FASHION featuring my thoughts, inspirations & personal style ->

Elstile Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration - Elstile

Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration - Elstile

После покупки у меня долго не возникало желания накрасить ногти этим лаком. Он мне казался каким-то безликим и я боялась, что он будет выглядеть невзрачно на моих…

China Glaze "Below Deck" Saki loves painting her nails and can spend enormous amounts of time trying out different designs. She often did it as a way to pass time when she had nothing to do and often absent mindedly paints her nails during television adve

WEBSTA @ thenailistaproject - Flexin' in nail lacquer in 'Cosmic Candy' w/ long gold triangles from ✨💅🏾✨

nail_ru - China Glaze "Below Deck"

China Glaze/Below Deck China Glaze is a great cruelty free polish brand that you can find easily!