Guilty! Lol..I wish it was still that easy but nope not when you have crazy children..naps are an unknown phenomenon when you are a mother..

(KO) Such a sleepy baby. So much to do but nappy time called and Puppy answered.

23 Funny Animal Pictures for Today

23 Funny Animal Pictures for Today

lol yeah. naps are nice :)

People say "go big or go home" like going home is a bad thing. Hell, yeah I wanna go home. AND I'm going to take a nap when I get there.

Why did naps once seem like a chore? they are the best!!!!

OMG, nap dates! Lol If they aren't a thing already, then I'm going to make them a thing! There's nothing like cuddling with my hubby, so nap dates would be amazing!

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I have at least 3 weeks worth of jammies & about 6 days worth of "I have no choice but to go out in public" clothing. It really does say a lot about me, I love comfy & hate peopley.

The fact that most of my going out clothes function perfectly fine as sleeping clothes says a lot about me.

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Funny Texts You Should Send to Your Crush, Cute Messages for Your Love

I was this to my parents - totally parched but only at bedtime and then of course would have to pee!!!

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Jake & the perfect trap.

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