The (our) female narc.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I would add that they're also cowards, scared little kids, cowering in fear and hiding behind the mask of a bully, faking being strong . but in reality are weak, snivelling little cowards.

Narcissist. Divorce. Narcissistic abuse. Emotional Abuse. Verbal abuse. Psychological Abuse

I can't tell you how true this quote actually is. I do still love him. And my heart continues to feel broken, every. I love him. However, I love our kids and me sooooo much more, than him.

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25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist I cannot believe how accurate this statement is! He has completely alienated his whole family and is systematically working through his longtime relationships so he can meet new people to impress

This is my last thought of what you did to me the last 20 years, I will not allow you to have any space in my head at all or waste anymore of my life, breath to speak of you or my time & Happiness. Narcissistic Abuse, you will get yours. I promise you this . V

20 years of loyalty, and you repeatedly lied to me, hurt me with your disgusting affairs and eventually tore my soul apart. I hope karma sees to it that your girlfriend and you destroy each other in time.

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Great, so as an empath, now I see why I always end up with the users and abusers! Empaths & narcissists are magnetically drawn to one another, but the empaths will ultimately pay a high price.

#narcissist twist truth around, turning it inside out - i.e. telling everyone her live-in boyfriend was "weird" and that she was looking to move out (it takes six months and him to pack for you?!!)

You treated me like crap but twist the story so you're the victim? That's special.

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You are a born leader,son! Make right choices,learn from good leaders, & especially,Walk W/ God!