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15 Stunning New Temple Photos + Book Giveaway

Robert A. "Nauvoo Sunrise" - LDS - Mormon - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Nauvoo  Illinois Temple - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. #LDS #Mormon

Brothers: Hyrum and Joseph Smith Statues in front of Free picture of Nauvoo, Illinois LDS Temple

Beautiful illustration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois.

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Nauvoo Temple Blueprints - 1840 Art Drawings of Nauvoo Temple from Nauvoo Gallery in Nauvoo Mormon Art LDS Print by NauvooGallery

The reconstructed Nauvoo Temple relied heavily on the original plans and drawings, created by architect William Weeks. But the existence of those plans were unknown to the Church for many years. Find out how they were miraculously discovered.

The Miraculous Discovery in a Non-Member's Home That Helped Rebuild the Nauvoo Temple​​

Original Nauvoo Illinois LDS temple as it appeared at the time of the Saints' exodus

HollysHome - Church Fun: The Nauvoo Temple - Fact Sheet Handout

Since we are studying Nauvoo and May is the anniversary of the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple I decided to make a handout for my c.

Original Nauvoo Temple in B&W

Joseph Smith on socialism

LDS Nauvoo Illinois Temple

Nauvoo, Illinois - Temple - originally built before the Saints were cruelly driven from their homes. Rebuilt and dedicated in 2002

Navoo LDS temple. On our church history trip we stayed in a cute little bed a breakfast accross the street from the Navoo Temple and I got up early one morning and took in a session. Awe inspiring!

Nauvoo Illinois Mormon Temple- Click through to read the story behind this amazing temple. President Hinckley shares some beautiful words about the rich history of our Church in this area at the dedication of this glorious temple.

Nauvoo Temple Late Sunset - The last light of the day fades as the sun sets at…

Nauvoo Temple Late Sunset

Nauvoo Temple Late Sunset - The last light of the day fades as the sun sets at…