combat ship USS Freedom...exploding robo fishies (schools) of painted fishies that mimic fish ,cluster missile(when launched looks like middle blew up jest after launched ....would be a nice touch ... So sailer on deck wouldn't see exploding homeing fish

USS Independence (LCS of the General Dynamics Independence Class (front right) and USS Freedom (LCS of the Lockheed Martin Freedom Class littoral combat ships.

USS ZUMWALT -- DDG 1000 -- Heading out for Sea Trials Monday morning December 7, 2015. As it passes Fort Popham.

USS Zumwalt is a guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy.

14 in Mississippi class battleship USS Idaho, 1943: she was fortunate in not being at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, but as a result was not as extensively modernised as those ships requiring significant repair.  She served throughout the Pacific campaign, mainly in shore bombardment roles.

USS Idaho a New Mexico class battleship, launched in This photo has to have been taken after she was re-gunned in 1942 (they removed the secondary battery of five and refitted with her anti aircraft guns).

Iowa Class Battleship. Someone down range is having a bad day...

Spectacular photos of the US Navy's most powerful battleship ever

The Iowa-class battleship USS Iowa fires a full broadside of her Mark 7 guns.

USS Midway [CV-41] and USS Iowa [BB-61] in 1987. Both ships are now retired in Southern California.

Aircraft Carrier USS Midway and Battleship USS Iowa in Arabian Gulf, December 1987 - I was on board when this picture was taken, went to Mombasa, Africa, spent New Years 1988 in the mother land.

The ultimate leasure yacht for the evil super villain. Though it could do with an open air pool and sun deck with coctail bar -useful when entertaing fellow despots.

Not a submarine. Littoral Combat Ship - a class of relatively small surface vessels intended for operations in the littoral zone (close to shore) by the United States Navy. Likened to corvettes of other navies. -- The Industrialist

Here's the Entire U.S. Navy Fleet in One Infographic  -

Here's the Entire U.S. Navy Fleet in One Chart

A helpful chart that shows all the current ships used by the US Navy.