RIP Nelson Mandela, pictured at his South African home in 2010, 'triumphed as a symbol of national reconciliation between South Africa's races'

Nelson Mandela dead: A symbol of resistance

A descendant of kings who became the most famous black man in history: Life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the secular saint who refused to give in to hate. Pictured at his South African home in 'triumphed as a symbol of national reconciliation betwe

"It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership." -Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: The last great liberator?

Feb Nelson Mandelareleased from prison. Nelson Mandela, leader of the movement to end South African apartheid, is released from prison after 27 years on February In Mandela,.

Gandhi + Nelson Mandela

File photo taken on October 1990 shows ANC leader Nelson Mandela sitting beneath Mahatma Gandhi portrait in New-Delhi.

Nelson Mandela - Madiba the best President SA has ever had

Nelson Mandela is for me is one of the most inspiring person in this world. Nelson Mandela is a shining example of the fact that hard work pays of. Looking at Nelson Mandela's picture reminds me that if I want to fulfill my dreams I need to work hard.

FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela. BelAfrique your personal travel planner -

Nelson Mandela & FW de Klerk - On 5 April at an informal meeting in Cape Town, President F. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela agreed to reschedule formal talks between the Government and the African National Congress (ANC).

The anti-apartheid leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former South African President Nelson Mandela has passed at age 95 -  a beloved figure around the world, a symbol of reconciliation from a country with a brutal history of racism.

Nelson Mandela dies at 95

Black History Month Photos Anti-apartheid leader and African National Congress (ANC) member Nelson Mandela (C, L) and his wife Winnie raise fists upon Mandela's release from Victor Verster prison on February 1990 in Paarl.

Nelson Mandela, 1961

Eli Weinberg, Nelson Mandela portrait wearing traditional beads and a bed spread. Hiding out from the police during his period as the “black pimpernel,” Courtesy of IDAFSA.

18 de Julio 1918 – 2015 – Nelson Mandela – Héroe que cambió el rumbo de la Historia

Nelson Mandela Dies at Age Thursday - December A remarkable man. Click through to read his story.

Feb 11, 1990; South African activist, Nelson Mandela was freed after 27 years in captivity. Picture:Nelson Mandela on the eve of his 90th birthday in Johannesburg in May 2008

Nelson Mandela - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela - July 1918 – 5 December was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary

mandela with his daughter zinzi

Remembering Mandela in Quotes and Pictures

Family Bond Mandela with daughter Zinzi Mandela Hlongwane keep close during his birthday party.

Nelson Mandela

nelson mandela by Phothooth. in: Features Journal "Tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 18 July 1918 – 5 December Art and Quotes

Dr Maya Angelou – His Day is Done – a tribute poem for Nelson Mandela – Nelson Mandela Foundation

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Nelson & Winnie Mandela (1990)

On the day of his release, Nelson Mandela stood tall

Nelson Mandela is freed in leader of the South African Movement to end apartheid, later elected president of South Africa after serving 27 years in prison.

A picture of young Nelson Mandela  taken in the 40's

Nelson Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela was born July near Umtata in Transkei, on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, into the roy.