The season is just about over, which means almost four months with no weekend netball. Here are seven suggestions for ways to spend your new free time.

How to cope now the netball season is over - Netball Squad

Netball Shooting Task Card

Netball Shooting Technique Card 3 Progressive Tasks for netball shooting. A Shooting lesson in one.

Netball Court Bird's Eye View: Player Positions in Netball 7 Playing Positions in Netball - A detailed explanation of netball's starter positions and different playing roles within the team. The instructional diagram summarizes where each player can go o

England Netball Court Diagram Layout and Bird's Eye View of Player Positions

Here's the third part in Netball Squad's series of netball skill articles, this time focusing on England and Jamaica's excellent centre court players.

We've teamed up with SportsFit to bring you ANOTHER great netball workout. This one's to improve your netball SAQ (or speed, agility and quickness).


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