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Capsule wardrobe Autumn colour palette katberries

Capsule wardrobe Autumn colour palette katberries This number of colours, but I'll change a few for my minimalist wardrobe.

We’ve all heard the phrase “that’s so your color,” but discovering the right color palette for your complexion can really transform the way you dress. You may never have thought about how your outfit compliments your skin tone but once you know the colors which are right for you, it can open up a …

What Colors to Wear to Match Your Skin Tone

Looking for the best drugstore nude lipstick for your fair-medium olive skin tone? Check out this handy guide to find your perfect neutral lip colors, all under $10!

Cheap & Chic! Best Drugstore Nude Lipsticks (for Medium Skin Tones)

My Beauty Rules: Cool, Warm and Neutral skin tone shades - whats your skin tone?

The key to understanding the colors that work best for you, is first understanding what Skin tone and undertone category you’re in. Why is it important to determine your skin tone and undertone?

Skin Undertones: Where Do You Stand on the Color Wheel? |

These Charts Will Help You Determine Your Skin Tone Once and for All

Nothing for darker skin tones? When choosing the perfect foundation match, skin undertones are especially helpful. This infographic explores cool, warm, and neutral undertones with suggestions on how to look your best no matter the category you fall into.

Knowing your undertone will help you find makeup colors that really suit you. | 27 Charts That Will Help You Make Sense Of Makeup

Knowing your undertone will help you find makeup colors that really suit you.

How To Know Skin Undertones. Choose the right makeup, clothes and accessories for your skin tone.

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Full and fluffy brows Heavy metal eyes Glossy bold lips No makeup, makeup Dark sultry lip, nude eyes. Warm copper eyes and nude lips.