19.2k Likes, 155 Comments - thank you jonghyun (@stantvxq) on Instagram: “Never forget!”

:O imagine the possibility of ACTUALLY meeting idols at the airport

The amount of swag in such a lowly price. Only suga.

Im reech. you like these chainz. 3 dollars ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i will never forget ^^

He did so well,, and I only wish that I could tell him that

You did well. Now rest ❤️ It’s very hard to fight i know that so If u will ever feel down let me know. We Need to hepl each other

Not saying you guys are assholes but if the U.S and Europe were playing uno they would lay down a pick up 4 card

21 Reasons Tumblr Is Better Than Public School

World history is basically just Europe pulling a bunch of dick moves on the rest of the world.

He’s resting well,, now we know for sure

SHINee was my first Kpop group and will always be my favorite. You did well,

i know this is a bts board, but still. we lost a beautiful soul december 18, never forget

Honestly, this makes me feel better rest in peace Jonghyun

Hahaha.. maybe I think women judge other women harshly on this..  but frequenting the same clothes is boring too..

You Better Check It

I wear the same damn thing everyday cause idgaf (ima girl) and I haven’t met a single male who has told me to wear something else. Although, women seem to LOVE criticizing me :)

And the second, and sometimes the third ...

I will never forget that day...