Heather Theurer

These Beautifully Realistic Paintings Give Disney Princesses the Perfect Old-Fashioned Charm

Fine Art Disney Princess Paintings By Artist Heather Theurer Bring Mulan, Merida & More To Glorious, Classical-Inspired Life

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you don't know a person's story; exercise tolerance, as aloofness may simply be walls [QUOTE, Pain: 'Pain changes people; it makes them trust less, overthink more, and shut people out.

Beauty of Any Dream Is in Never Letting It Go Fridge Magnet Mary Engelbreit Art

Maybe one day you will show remorse and say sorry to those you whom you did wrong.

You'll find someone or something in time. Find it and never let it go <3 (From Chibird)

But in all seriousness, that’s why I’m still drawing today. ♥ Sadly, it’s getting harder to draw each day as life moves on, and I don’t think it’ll be easier once I head to college in the fall.

Arthur Davill Lets It Go

Arthur Davill Lets It Go

"Video: Arthur Darvill sings 'Doctor Who' song to 'Let it Go' - CultBox" Please excuse the language.

Remember this. Respect , loyalty and unwavering trust is hard to come by, don’t let it go❤️❤️

Grown ups dont full stop! Want some thing go and fucking get him/her esp when it comes to people fuck about and its some one elses. People fuck things holden back out of pride


Don’t worry, be happy (36 photos)

// make sure you remember those days. keep them safely in the pockets of your coat or in a jar on your desk because you need to know that there are and will be better days.

i started crying over them when i was supposed to be writing an essay during finals week and my friends never let it go

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I know how it feels to be dead and miserable inside because of a job/relationship. When you get this feeling, that's your clue that something needs to change.

One friendship of mine has just disappointed me. But I guess they'll never know or realize about it. Anyways, I need to be happy. I need to let it go. They don't care anyway.

People will always disappoint us because we are all imperfect. but we can give grace w/o being a doormat. If we cut off relationships of those who disappoint us, we will end up alone. But leaving them in my life makes me lonely too.

I waited for you, I was intimidated by you all throughout high school. I wanted all my firsts to be with you. I was crushed when you bought a house, and I hated seeing you with someone else. Finally it took 7 years for you to come back to me. I’m never letting you go. - Him ❤️

I was rotting in that cage, then you came along and my heart suddenly ached for wanting of something more. I no was no longer content to sit behind those bars that were carved out for me so long ago. No, now I wanted out, I wanted to fight.