Litten ( New Pokemon Starter! ) by on @DeviantArt

Litten, the new Pokemon Starter from Pokemon Sun & Moon Wich new starter is your favorite? Litten ( New Pokemon Starter!

Cant wait to play the new pokemon moon and sun!Ill have to buy pokemon moon because of Rowlet :)

Pokemon Sun and Moon legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala encircling the Alola region starters, Rowlet & Litten & Popplio

New Starters Pokemon x Sonic the Hedgehog by Baitong9194 on DeviantArt

New Starters Pokemon x Sonic the Hedgehog by on DeviantArt At one point I was really obsessed with Sonic the hedgehog, and seeing this really made my heart soar.

Eevolutions and the New Starters from Moon and Sun ... leafeon, rowler, flareon, litten, vaporeon, popplio, pokemon

Pokemon - Eevolutions & Starters from Moon and Sun: Leafeon & Rowler, Flareon & Litten, Vaporeon & Popplio.

Litten Welp, this is the starter im choosing because the other ones look weird and I've always love fire types.

This is the new Pokemon sun and moon versions starter pokemon. It's name is litten!

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Jane Doe's choice grass starter is Rowlet, fire is Tepig, and water is Froakie