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One month after its initial solicitation, Skottie Young's cover for Marvel's upcoming "New Warriors Omnibus" has surfaced, as well as his kid-ified variant for "Fearless Defenders"

The New Warriors - I used to love following this comic book series. The characters and storylines were so dynamic connecting them to so many teams in the Marvel universe.

New Warriors Vol 1 1

Kid Nova - Heroes For The - Namorita - Night Thrasher - Firestar - Mark Bagley, Skottie Young

Nothing says Marvel like two teams clashing on a cover, charging in from opposing sides. #newwarriors #markbagley #fabiannicieza

New Warriors Vol 1 4

Nothing says Marvel like two teams clashing on a cover, charging in from opposing sides. New Warriors - Mark Bagley, Fabian Nicieza

The New Warriors

41 Marvel Franchises, Ranked From Worst To Best

New Warriors A team of superpowered teens originally formed by Night Thrasher until they inadvertently started the Civil War. Night Thrasher had originally gathered Nova, Marvel Boy (Vance Astrovik) and Firestar as a team, after being encouraged to.

Marvel Names SURVIVE #1 Creative Team, Diamond Shows Off Variant Covers |

New Warriors Vol 5 Cover D Incentive J Scott Campbell Color Variant Cover - Midtown Comics

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I love this whole series to death and this is the first of the beginning of one of my all time favorites! I recommend this book to anyone in 3rd-8th grade. Short Summary: Rusty is a young house-cat who has always wanted to explore the forest, he soon learns there is groups of wild warriors in the trees and he is asked to join, he faces trials and struggle and danger that lurks just beyond everyone else's senses...

Into the Wild


12 Days of Warriors Christmas by katribou on deviantART LOVE THIS! Its actually Skyclan not Cloudclan btw. Also I snorted at the brokenstar one XD

Hyrule Warriors --Zelda! I LOVE purple eyes!

gaming mine zelda the legend of zelda loz gaming gifs gamediting hyrule warriors legend of zelda: hyrule warriors ayyyy so pretty that was quick lmao

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