New York City themed Cakes | New York City themed cake celebrates a couples favorite location.

A New York Themed cake celebrates a favorite location. Image provided by Fantasy Frostings

A New York themed Birthday Cake.

we provide bespoke wedding and celebration cakes in the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and South Wales area.

Fabulous New York Themed Ideas! - B. Lovely Events

Fabulous New York Themed Ideas

I love New York inspired Birthday cake - instead of I heart NY - replace with I heart JB

2 Layer Hks Head Is Actually The Top Layer Hello Kitty Cake 2 layer (HK's Head is actually the top layer) Hello Kitty Cake

New York Buildings Landmarks pre-cut edible icing border for birthday cake sides

The printed icing sheet can be applied to different types of icing such as sugar paste icing, fondant, royal icing or butter-cream. Our Icing toppers & ribbon are pre-cut & are made from icing (also known as frosting & fondant).

New York Musical Cake

Vanilla and chocolate orange cakes for a birthday. The birthday girl loves New York and the broadway shows. I loved making this cake…….it’s difficult to know when to stop! Kirsty x Kirsty Wirsty Cake Emporium.