Which Guy From "Maze Runner" Should You Date? You got: Newt You and Newt are one special couple! You are both intelligent and kind. He fell in love with you when you first stepped foot in the maze. He couldn’t wait to introduce himself to you because you were so beautiful.

Which Guy From "Maze Runner" Should You Date?

Newt: I'm Newt. I'm one of the boys in the maze. Thomas: *comes running* Newt! Newt: *runs with Thomas to the box*

Newt is always right [good book; good but different movie ]

Tangled in the Great Maze

Thomas looks really confused like 'Why did we not have a ladder? A ladder is so obvious, we are so stupid!

Omg! This is so funny!! our fandom is the best. hahahaha

ㅤangel on

This is so funny! our fandom is the best. hahahaha Sorry about the swear

25 Funny Greys Anatomy memes #Greys Anatomy #Funny

25 Funny Greys Anatomy memes

I dont watch greys anatomy but the most favorite ones die in like every show/book and we know it.

Newt is my crush

Yeah so I just got obsessed with The Maze Runner series, TMR, TST, TDC, and My personal favorite character is Newt soooo this describes it😂😂!

the maze runner - the scorch trials - the death cure - I CANNOT EVEN

*Loves Minho* *Likes Thomas* *Cried over Newt* ah movie fans read da books.

Newt always has time for fashion.

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials review: 'no trial at all'

The first few stills from The Scorch Trials movie have been released. The Scorch Trials picks up immediately where Maze Runner ended.The first movie was the mystery of.

If you had one super power what would it be?<<<Hm...To be a metamorphmagus

Which Maze Runner Character is your Soul mate?

love Newt so much. My friend and I didn't catch his name so we just called him baby-face. :P xD <<< I called him 'that one who looks like Peter Pan'.