NF, NF quotes

This is true because I have pain how he describes in "How Could You Leave Us"

You really need to check this guy out! Hes amazing! Nate Feuerstein is NF! <3 #NF

Ladies and gents, the one and only NF. The only Christian rapper who has ever made me come so close to crying. I've been so moved by NF.

NF real music #NF #NFrealmusic #therapysession

This man has spoken into my life and I find a part of myself in all of his songs. real music till the day we die!

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a Mike song for sure......and Rena too, I think.

If you actually listen to the lyrics of his songs you'll understand why I like him so much.

"I'd rather be myself and be hated for it, then be what everyone else loves and hate myself. -@nfrealmusic"

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Soooooo TRUE

Told all my teachers that I'll be a rapper/They smiled looked at me/ok/they say that's a pretty nice dream but you better get a real job/ummm no way.IM JUST GETTING WARMED UP