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Louis And Niall From One Direction Dressed Up Like Harry Potter, Surprised Fans At Universal

Damn it why didn't I save my first kiss for him! Oh right that was before the boys were ever on the X factor

Buried (Niall Horan Fanfic) - Wattpad Buried us almost to And that makes me so happy! Share this to your one direction/Niall board to help get mw there before the one year anniversary of Buried!:) Thank yoj to everyone who has read it!

12 One Direction Dance Moves You Should Try ASAP

{GIF} Question: "Why does Niall always have so much more swag than everybody else?" Answer: "Niall was black in his past life." Me: On the floor gasping for air

All serious and sexy and then he comes back to be the cute Niall Horan I love

"One Direction Facts {part one}" by onedirectionfacts ❤(Zayn says "Vas Happening",he don't hay What Happening

Which Boy-Band Member Is Your Soulmate?

I got Niall Horan from One Direction! Which Boy-Band Member Is Your Soulmate?I'm like Niall and the boys! Hope one day I get to meet him :)

I bet they are gaining arm strength from having to hold the phone high up and far out to take group selfies because they have been posting so many

12 One Direction Dance Moves You Should Try ASAP