Niall Horan

Niall Horan is sorry that he quit school for One Direction. "I've had a short childhood X Factor as One Direction was a success

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

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Niall Horan’s Secret Agent Nomination, ‘Unofficial 1D Peacekeeper’

Niall Horan’s Secret Agent Nomination, ‘Unofficial Peacekeeper’

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Watch Hollywood Popular Celebrity Niall Horan Biography and Expensive Lifestyle 2018 video.please like, share and comment.

Niall Horan Allegedly In Vietnam But May Resurface In L.A. In March

Niall Horan has been surprisingly absent while the rest of One Direction is converging in Los Angeles. However, it turns out that Niall Horan may be in Southeast Asia on vacation, if foreign news .

Niall Horan Facing The Law For Public Pee Pics In L.A.?  Or Making Political Statement?

American One Direction fans are excited that Niall Horan has decided to return to the United States from Southeast Asia, but the first thing he does when he gets back is to urinate in public in .

Niall Horan, Selena Gomez NYE Rumors Emerge, Fifth Harmony On Hold

Niall Horan and Selena Gomez are under the microscope by fans because it is rumored that he gave her a romantic Christmas present and that Justin Bieber is not too happy about the situation.

Niall Horan To Meet Fans For ‘First Time’ Since One Direction Vacation At Dubai Duty Free Irish Open Golf Event

Niall Horan Sighting in Augusta, Georgia on at PM at Augusta National Golf Club

Niall Horan Is Golfing Again, But Where Is He Doing It?

For Niall Horan fans closely watching his vacation plans, new evidence has emerged that he may no longer be in Los Angeles. On March Niall Horan posted a video of him teeing off at a golf course.

Niall Horan In LA For Selena Gomez Or David Beckham’s UNICEF Charity?

When James Corden convinced the guys of One Direction to play a terrifying game of tattoo roulette on Thursday night, it was Harry Styles who wound up getting tatted on TV.

One Direction Hiatus Is ‘Over’? Niall Horan Still Loving Solo Life

Niall Horan has been moving forward with his solo career, but One Direction fans that have been praying is not officially breaking up finally have a bit of cheerful news on the horizon — if .

Mexico’s Niall Horan Speaks Out: ‘Juan Direcshon’ Gives Interview

Niall Horan is on vacation from One Direction, and fans are slowly learning from his social media that this means he will be traveling the globe and playing golf.

One Direction Replacements? Forever In Your Mind Release Debut Album

One Direction Will Be Back — Harry Styles, Niall Horan Reunite With Team, Niall Confirms 2017 Return Yet Again<<< i gotta calm down and remember that there staying together