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He's gonna kill me one day with all that damn cuteness and hotness and I have 0 problems with that tbh.

18 Surprising Facts About Niall Horan  -

18 Facts About Niall Horan That'll Make You Love Him Even More

18 Facts About Niall Horan That'll Make You Love Him Even

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One Direction Niall Horan mine edit thanks for the rose i'll shove it up ur butt

Just a small reminder for everyone, you are loved and are here for a purpose don't give up.  I'm always here if you need someone to talk to.   Pinterest: candigirl110

Not trying to sound dramatic, but I cried. I read it, then I just started to cry. Then I saw who the quote is by, and I cried more. Listen to this quote. Never give up. You are here for a reason.

"Niall is so Hilirous and jumpy when you're around him, proper hiper. He swears quite a lot and is a bit of a flirt" - Louis.

how niall eats mnms, I just grab a handful and shove it in my mouth.

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He's so cute in this gif. ~ Which GIF of Niall Horan speaks to your soul?

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This is amazing. I love the band Niall and the Potatoes. (Along with White Eskimo)

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Niall isn't allowed to do the food shopping because he would buy to much.

We would totally be a match. He's a cutie blonde Irish boy who loves to eat. And I am an adorable girl that loves to cook.I can't go food shopping either.

I've always wanted someone to do that.

I'll be your toy Niall! I wouldn't mind if he did that. Heck, I wouldn't mind if any of the boys did that to me.

Niall Horan x

Niall Horan in a mickey mouse shirt? All of my dreams have become reality