Harry Styles' Floral Flares & Niall Horan's Glasses Prove We're At Peak One Direction | MTV UK

When he started rocking a pair of glasses looking like the hottest skinny-tie-wearing Irish poet you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Aaaaaaaaand i am dead. NH ♡

Aaaaaaaaand i am dead. NH ♡

Niall Horan | for Notion Magazine | emrosefeld |

He's getting old😬 not looking young and youthful anymore the dark hair makes him look a lot older I think but I love always

Niall Horan. OMG. My heart can not handle this. I'm pretty sure I just died. OMG.

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Niall Horan Best Man Brother Greg Horan Wedding 27 MARCH 2013 http://onedirectionpictures.blogspot.com/

Niall at Greg's wedding. And although i am disgusted that some directioners were not decent enough to leave him alone while at his brothers wedding, i do quite enjoy this picture of him in that stunning suit