Ever used a bookshelf as a room divider? If you live in an apartment in a big city, such as New York City, Chicago or San Francisco, then chances are you’ve certainly either done it or considered it. Because every single square foot is at a high premium! Especially if you are renting either your …

25 Creative Ideas for using Bookshelves as Room Dividers

Because your studio apartment have small space, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. But with a little space planning and the right decor, you can maximize every square inch of your place. Try to design and… Continue Reading →

Most expensive house in New York City: $161 million mansion on the Upper East Side in Manhattan

Amazing library in a 15 million dollar home. One of my dreams is to have a two story library.

The Best New York Crumb Cake

The Best New York Crumb Cake

Rich buttery cake topped with a fat layer of irresistible crumbs similar to Entenmann's crumb cake only better, if you ask me because it's homemade. Make this for Dad for Father's Day breakfast!

What is it look like to live in a $95-million apartment in Manhattan | Kitchen

Check Out the Penthouse Floorplans, and Views, in 432 Park

432 Park Avenue is a residential tower in Midtown Manhattan that, at feet in height, is the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.

We're gonna give it a try!!! New York-Style Bagels | New York-Style Bagels Recipe | The Sophisticated Gourmet

New york-style bagel

New York Style Bagels recipe. by TheSophisticatedGourmet- must give this a go since there's no good bagel shops is Australia!

Why follow the flock? While everyone zigs to New York’s splashier scenes, you can zag to these clandestine restaurants hidden in plain sight - or behind a secret door

10 secret and small New York restaurants

New York Apartment by Latter 1600px X 6459px

New York Apartment by Latter- awesome mix of antiques in an open modern setting. But I'd rather a cast iron wood stove instead of that room breaking fire place.

Lofting it up in New York. This wouldn't work well with my paranoia... But it looks cool.

Comment allier vintage et moderne

Gramercy Park Townhouse in New York City, Designed by Architecture Firm Fractal Construction

Découvertes Expedia | Guide New-York + Immanquables http://tracking.publicidees.com/clic.php?progid=378&partid=48172&dpl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ecotour.com%2Fvoyage%2Fjapon-p27

Que faire à New-York ? Les immanquables

All the food and baked goods to eat in New York City by Picky Palate, I want to try them all!

New York City Weekend For Foodies