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Beautiful lotus and dragonfly thigh piece done on instagram: Rebekah_Jonesy. Tattoo done by Instagram: Tommbirch

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Shoulder Tattoos for Girls. The area on which you are going to put the tattoo determines the style and size of the tattoo you can get. For girls, one of the most popular spots to have a tattoo is the shoulder.

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80 tatuajes de henna que querrás probar

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100 Real-Girl Tiny Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink: If you're a little nervous about a permanent stamp, the best way to start is with something small.

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Lotus Tattoo On Back this is kind of what I'm looking for, how long and how much do you think around?

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Flower Tattoos On Foot Flower tattoos on foot.If your thinking about getting a foot tattoo there are some things you should keep in mind.