Nick saving his little bunny friend Judy So Beautiful and SAD at The same Time #trustafox

Zootopia Fan Comic (Translation)

OMG this is so good but so sad! Zootopia - Nick and Judy - comic<---well damn

Nick and Judy - part VI - Zootopia by on @DeviantArt

Firstly I'd like to say a special thanks to and that helped me with the translate of text english thank u so much! Nick and Judy - part VI - Zootopia

kulkum: “Sunderance Chapter 2: Katabasis Find the fan fiction behind the comic on my Deviant Art here: Find the full sized comic on...

Officers Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps — ask-married-nick-wilde: sprinkah: sprinkah: .

Me: an overly dramatic boyfriend — helthehatter:   skeletonguys-and-ragdolls:   Ayy...

helthehatter: “skeletonguys-and-ragdolls: “Ayy my first attempt at a comic based on a fanfic! Here’s a scene from The Violet Diaries, where Nick and Judy decide on what Violet’s name.

Never doubt a bunny.

"Never doubt a bunny." Just a pleasant reminder of how both predators *and* prey are victims of prejudice in Zootopia. That's right, NO privilege to be seen here!

The last page. That's the conclusion of this fan comic and Nick and Judy's little cat-and-mouse game (fox-and-rabbit game?). I thank all those who have had the patience to read and follow this micr...

That's the conclusion of this fan comic and Nick and Judy's little cat-and-mouse game (fox-and-rabbit game? Night Howlers Effect -

Jealous Nick- 1

And then he finds out about Gideon's history with Judy and slugs him and Gideon says: "I probably deserved that." And Judy loses her shit at Nick

Back in June of 2016, we featured a short little comic called Nick and Judy Drink , about Judy dealing with a drunk Nic...

Comic: Nick and Judy Drink (original by Meno) (Translated by the ZNN Translation Team) - Zootopia News Network

feverwildehopps: “ ryutolbx: “ virtual-spell: “Nick and Judy drawing! I love Zootopia so much! ” Lol Hopps look what you’ve done to Nick xD he looks.

zootopia___crack_a_smile_on_new_years_by_redheadphone-dby7z2k.jpg (416×1918)

zootopia___crack_a_smile_on_new_years_by_redheadphone-dby7z2k.jpg (416×1918)