Nick Bateman - "You know what day it is " Happy Valentine's Day #people #love #EyeCandy

Ughhh this guy seriously can he be anymore hotter? There is something with sexy guy well dressed guy with beautiful flowers that make my heart flutter *.* I just love this guy

Nick Bateman - the whole look - black denims, black T-shirt, the necklace, his hair and beard.

Nick Bateman - Inspiration for Hunter in my new erotic romance novel.

Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman (his full name is Nicholas Kevin Stanley Yunge-Bateman) is a Canadian fashion model who has started an actor career. Nicholas Yunge-Bateman was born in Burlington, Ontario a province o…

Omg, I'm thinking Wulf, Zane, and Zarak. @sherrilynkenyon  Christian Grey as well...yup totally.

Omfg Nick Bateman is the perfect man. If someone asked me "what does your perfect man look like?" Id say he looks like Nick Bateman.

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Nick Bateman / leather jacket / sexy guy / hot guy / martial artist / actor / DIMBFF / Death is my BFF by on Wattpad

nick bateman by e. sanchez-monsalve

nick bateman by emmanuel sanchez-monsalve -- hero for ONCE UPON A SIN!