So you know the headcanon that Nico is great at singing? Well what if Bianca used to sing to him whenever he was sad, upset, or stressed out, so he started singing to her when she felt those ways because small Nico innocence. But he was really bad and she teased him about getting better at it, so when she died he didn't know how to cope and he started singing more and more and started to improve because he wanted to make her happy and I just-

Love is as Painful as Death (A Nico di Angelo X Reader Story)

I'm pretty sure the PJO fandom's been blessed with amazing arists. SPOILER But it made me so sad when it said nico was Alone in the mast the whole day. MY BABY!-Art by Viria

Imagen de hoo, pjo, and nico di angelo

Anonymous said: Omg your art is so cute and good and im so in love with they, can you please please draw a cute Nico Di Angelo please please? Love FROM México xoxo Answer: Thank you so much!

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19510624_731752313673391_402534394066099519_n.png (640×460)

Just in case no one knew this. Well now we know Nico's an angel, a hot angel!

Nico means Victory. Not death. so is Angel of Victory in italian. (Nico derive from the greek world nike that means victory)

#wattpad #fanfiction The seven, Nico, Thalia and Clarisse are sent to Hogwarts by the goddess Hecate to form new allies with the wizards, but what happens when things don't go as planned? They are thrown into a world of Magic, have a short lived encounter with a pink toad, get thrown into a tournament and they have to...

When Demigods Go Hogwarts - Lessons

Whoever drew this made me very happy because hades is holding the trombone right ❤️❤️

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Image result for nico di angelo memes imma bite chu


Nico di Angelo quote from The Battle of the Labyrinth If you da Ghost King, I am your Ghost Queen.