I love photos that play with fantasy. This has just the right amount of creepy and beautiful to make me want to write stories.

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firefly forest ~ This picture reminds me of a  sweet night in a Michigan forest with someone from Finland, who had never seen fireflies before...

Firefly Forest, England I love this picture! The navys and blacks give it a dark tone while the fireflies are little pops of light.

He knew the end was near. He knew the finality of Friday. He read the last chapter before it was written. He heard the final chorus before it was sung. Each step calculated, deliberate, pre-meditated.  (Max Lucado)

Last Night Mist By Novijka.I know how you feel little duck/Swan or whatever you are.

Oh my! Stunning! A forest of stars! I love our planet and universe.

Le ciel étoilé vu de la foret<<Translation by me~: The starry sky seen from the forest.

Fireflies. I've never seen them for real. The climate where I live is wrong.

Bioluminescent insects and sky marine fauna are common in aeris, and the night is often dotted with thousands of lights.

custom small chairemblazoned with an ooak night by burnedfurniture

custom small chairemblazoned with an ooak night by burned furniture Like the whimsy here, would be great for a kid's room or study

Swedish nature, Moon, Sweden,

Swedish nature, Moon, Sweden, - always wondered why so long to realize the world is round - couldn't the ancients just look up at the moon - see the example?

crazystupidyoungpelica:  Ce soir, contemplons les étoiles qui s’élèvent pour nous.De ton lit, admirons la voûte qui nous tient prisonniers.Dans la fumée, tentons de discerner ce qui se cache derrière toi.

Drop the craving for self, for permanence, for particular circumstances, and go straight ahead with the movement of life.