Top 30 Famous Inspirational Quotes #quotes

Top 30 Famous Inspirational Quotes

"Bitch is trying to pretend it didn't happen, that she's still a fucking virgin," Alex sneered, before turning back to Dawn. "We fucked. Get over it." "We didn't fuck; you fucked me." "Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

I like the idea of the letters from our names being highlighted like this, in either peach or mint

Sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real. - Kanye West Some rap lyrics are so poetic and great

"Cinderella never asked for a prince. Shed asked for a night off and a dress." - Kiera Cass #Quote

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Twinkle Twinkle little star, point me to the nearest bar. That's me for the night folks. I've got a well needed night off from mummying tonight and a night out with some old friends. Have a great Saturday / Sunday everyone ❤

A great night out with friends... pretty much requires dancing like a fool

Sorry for partying (29 photos)

🍻🍻A great night out with friends. pretty much requires dancing till your foot breaks

alcohol because no great story started with a salad typography quote

New Year's Typography Doodle and Illustration Round Up

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50 Inspirational Quotes That Every-One Should Read

Don't Ever Be Too Shy to Dance Your Heart Out * Your Daily Brain Vitamin * Dance it out and who even cares if anyone is watching? * Dance * Too Shy Shy * motivation * inspiration * quotes * quote of the day * DBV

We saw this and had to laugh. We're not sure who said it, but some truth in the words! Especially true when in another country and you choose to sleep in - pleasant, yes, the but another culture is out there waiting to be explored :)

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No one looks back on their life and remembers the night they had plenty of sleep. I don't know what plenty of sleep is.

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Inspirational Goodnight Quotes for him or her

En as ek wakker word die oggend. Jesus het 'n plan vir ons en Hy sal sy wil bekend maak op die regte tyd. My hoop is op Hom. Dit is waar ek vrede vind, ek hoop jy kan ook lewe in die tyd met vrede, vreugde en hoop!