It is implied here that Wes created all the Nightmare-movies. That is incorrect.  Wes wrote and directed the first Nightmare from 1984, co-wrote and produced Nightmare 3 from 1987 and wrote, produced and directed New Nightmare from 1994.  Those also happen to be the most memorable and interesting movies of the entire franchise.   Rest in Peace, Wes.  At last Freddy is back where he belongs...

Horror director Wes Craven dies at 76

Krueger kisses on the set of A Nightmare on Elm Street, dir. by Wes Craven (1984).- That's so cute!

The cast of Nightmare on Elm Street kissing Robert Englund. Freddy Johnny Depp in 1

S M L New Nightmare on Elm Street Punk Goth Freddy Krueger Horror Movie Tank Top | eBay

Call me twisted, but i like this! S M L New Nightmare on Elm Street Punk Goth Freddy Krueger Horror Movie Tank Top

THE nightmare before Christmas, corpse bride, paranorman, coraline

Tim Burton has created the ideas for some amazing movies (Top: Nightmare Before Christmas Left: Coraline Middle: Corpse Bride Right: Paranorman)

hand made red skull dice oogie boogie dice by FairyTaleNightmares

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Tim Burton films

11 Most Impressive Fan-Made 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Crossovers

A recent commission of this delightful fellow. So much fun to spend time with Jack and his friends

Jack Skellington Pumpkin King The Nightmare Before Christmas El extraño mundo de Jack Disney Disney Halloween

michael myers art | Michael Myers - Halloween by Christopher Lovell by Lovell-Art on ...

Here is a Halloween piece I recently painted for Fright Rags. Was great to finally get the chance to do a Michael Myers Piece. I think I have done all my favourite horror Icons now!