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They know how to get their brand out there. Amazing colors and graphics. No headline needed. Just check mark.

Just do it: Nike's new Better for It ad campaign explores the things women are really thinking while they work out

New Nike ad reveals what some women REALLY think while exercising

We love everything about this "better for it" video from Nike. It's full of real women and relatable thoughts we have felt during our own workouts, including this "I better get an ab out of this" gem of a quote 💚

Creative Direction/Art Direction: Nedjelco-michel Karlovich Design in collaboration with: Hort. These posters were created in collaboration with Hort in Berlin and Nike Global Football in EMEA.

Nike: “Turn Chaos into Control”This is a study in typography. The ways in which the letterforms smear and distort are powerful. The best graphic design is design you hear as well as see.

Example 3 of Harmony (yes I do realize it's in a different language):

Art direction: I like the layout of this one and how the model is framed by the white rectangle. It gives it a more crisp and fresh look.

Not every ad has to have really difficult-to-make art direction! Nike shows two different focuses here by literally showing two different shots.

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