Nikki minaj before

The Incredibles one is just… no words can explain…

What it's because we've always said "what's on the telly?" And we go IN somewhere to see a movie. Fav- the unborn and Delilah

Nicki Minaj; about that hustle, about her money, and makes her man respect her.

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Niki minaj is from the Capitol pass it on It only makes sense what with her outfit being so outrageously hideous

I'm mostly pinning this because when I looked at the picture with the Capitol people, I didn't even notice that Nikki had been photoshopped in at first. She blends in so well!

I feel like we should apologize to literally every female celebrity for all the lies we're told and believe about them

Yeah but really though, Kristen is my fave and Nicki is super sweet, and not too long ago I used to hate them for stupid 'i'm not like other girls' reasons. What I'm trying to say is don't judge a person based on what the media has to say about them.

lol tumblr user and their brother going through a haunted house with giant mechanical snakes

lol tumblr user and their brother going through a haunted house with giant mechanical snakes

I think this is really the first time I felt Tumblr was so incredibly accurate... And creepy and high as f_ck

The third one is from dont hug me im scared. I was so incredibly confused and scared by that video i could only laugh

DAZED magazine cover. Doodle illustrator Hattie Stewart has opened her first London solo exhibition, and is showcasing previously unseen work.

Excited to have my Nicki Minaj doodle bomb cover as part of this show at ATM gallery in Austin Texas. “Into You is a two day art event hosted by Molly Soda and Rachel Bell at ATM Gallery in Austin, TX. During the afternoon and evening, it will be.

Nicki is all beauty don't need no beast

Nicki minaj can slit my entité throat whenever she wants, Im ready to be slain

beyoncé, nicki minaj, and feeling myself image

Cleaning my shelves, I'm cleaning my shelves, I'm cleaning MMMYYYY