How to make origami ninja star - not too hard!!

Origami Ninja Star Instructions Printable, how to make an origami ninja star

The other week, Owen learned how to fold these paper ninja stars from a friend at church, and he has been making tons of them!  Great project for a rainy day.  All you need is some paper, and you’re ready to go.  We added Sharpies too for decorating the ninja stars with fun designs. We …

How to Fold Paper Ninja Stars

How to Fold Paper Ninja Stars - Fun craft or boredom buster for kids! Use colored paper or decorate with markers.

DIY Anleitung Ninjastern / Wurfstern aus Papier (Origami) für eine Ninja oder…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

DIY Wurfstern/Ninjastern (Origami)

I'd like to try these with craft foam to make diy "nerf" shuriken. Original website is German.

How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami - YouTube

paper: printer paper size: How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami Welcome to my origami tutorial on how to make a paper ninja star/ Shurik.

Ninja Fidget Spinner DIY - Paper Only, NO TEMPLATE Needed. The fun with Fidget Spinner DIY continues. Don't have time to print off a template? Don't fear. Today we have an Origami Fidget Spinner DIY for you. Well.. it is BASED on the Origami Ninja Star.. and then quickly and easily turned into a Ninja Star Fidget Spinner DIY. Enjoy!

Ninja Fidget Spinner DIY - Paper Only, NO TEMPLATE Needed

Oh wow if need to learn how to make a fidget spinner out of paper, you HAVE To check out this paper Ninja Fidget Spinner DIY, it is so cool and easy.

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This is probably the most famous ninja weapon in the world, everybody knows, specially who likes Naruto or kung fu movies

Doodlecraft: Origami Ninja Stars!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Paper folding Ninja Stars is such a fun activity for kids! You will need 2 sheets of Origami Paper Or 2 s.

Here’s another fun paper folding project!  Make some simple origami cubes.  These cubes are built from six different pieces of paper that fit together perfectly.  They hold together without any tape or glue!  After learning how to make paper ninja stars, my 8 year old was excited to try this project. I found this project …

How to Fold Origami Paper Cubes

How to Fold Origami Paper Cubes - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls