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Power up your living room decorum by giving it a geeky touch with the Nintendo 64 coffee table base. Ideal for any old school gamer, this custom base is an.

Before the cellphone the Nintendo was the device I chose to play with all day. From the age of 5 to even now; considering the Wii is still Nintendo. I would of course upgrade to PlayStation and even occasionally dabble with an XBOX. However, as a child the biggest fascination with games came with a Nintendo Gameboy Color! Click link/photo to see!


Something that represents my childhood is the Nintendo This represents my childhood because my sister and I would always play Zelda on the when we were younger. Even now I still have the console and still enjoy the occasional game on this classic system.

Super Mario 64 N64 by Nintendo

Super Mario 64 game cover - X Fridge / Locker Magnet. for Like the Super Mario 64 game cover - X Fridge / Locker Magnet.

I've never wanted anything more than I want this Nintendo 64 portable. this is amazing!

Grape64 Portable N64 System

Zachariah Perry Cruse has designed and built the a homemade portable version of the Nintendo

Nintendo 64 | 31 Awesome ’90s Toys You Never Got, But Can Totally Buy Today ///// got mine somewhere!

Nintendo 64 is a game console made by Nintendo. It is a video game system preceded by the.