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I love video games because they help me escape reality. And they are a good way to pass time

Nintendo Game Boy Refrigerator Magnets

I would not let Christian put those ugly things on my Refrigerator but I'm saving this for him just the same. When he moves out on his own I can see him doing this in his first place.

SMASHING by on @DeviantArt

I might be wrong here but I think this came from an artist on the Sonic comic series (made by Archie comics). they should work on super smash bros comics.

Nintendo. 90s. Curated by NYC Metro Fandom (formerly Suburban Fandom). NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

Nintendo and Nutella = Nintella This isn't meant to be eaten, is it?

This is a selfie. The most accurate selfie ever taken. Except I always knew I needed it.

Everybody gets a meme

Lol just a feeew more months till my birthday!