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Stunning use of negative space by Noma Bar

The stunning art piece was designed by Noma Bar, whose style is very minimalist and based on a very clever use of the negative space. Applying figure and ground of Gestalt Law, the design showcases both the human's side face and a penguin.

This portrait of Hitler accompanied James Delingpole's article 'Mein Kash: Milking the Third Reich,' written for Esquire UK. The piece examined the publishing trend to release books about Hitler (which number close to 1,000 on Amazon). For such an article, Bar's choice to convert the moustache into a barcode was spot-on.

Noma Bar’s Minimalist Vector Portraits of Cultural Icons

Mad Men / Noma Bar

Another zinger from Noma Bar: Mad Men for Empire… appropriately wicked Drapery

IBM: Now Food Can Tell You How Fresh It Is

Negative Space Art by Noma Bar

Love is the drug by Noma Bar

This illustration is called, Love is the drug by Noma Bar. I love the simple ilustration style yet it eludes to a much deeper meaning. It takes two symbols and combines them in an interesting way. This is a good example of an editorial illustration.