June 6th can make res for September....presently $480. for meal..YIKES! http://noma.dk/reservations/

Inside Copenhagen’s Noma

Pickled Vegetable with Pork and Smoked Marrow only at René Redzepi's Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The real test kitchen for Copenhagen's Noma restaurant is in the newly designed home of chef René Redzepi. Here's how to re-create the look.

Steal This Look: A Star Chef's Scandi Kitchen

Oysters with vinegar tapioca pearls from René Redzepi: A Work in Progress #plating #presentation #photography

4 Tips On Staying Creative From Noma Star Chef Rene Redzepi

Oysters steamed in seawater with tapioca pearls marinated in vinegar - Rene Redzepi, Noma

Noma restaurant Kopenhagen

Noma Restaurant by Space Copenhagen Danish studio Space Copenhagen has overhauled the interior of Copenhagen eatery Noma, which was this year named "World's Best Restaurant" for the third time in a row

A Nordic Noel With Noma Chef René Redzepi

A Nordic Noel With Chef René Redzepi

1. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark

World's Top 10 Life-Changing Restaurants

: : Noma - Denmark : : Signature dish - vegetable field with malt soil : :

Nature's pantry: Chefs prepare intricate dishes at the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. #branding #restaurants @SYDsLISTglobal

Noma sets the table for a feast in Tokyo

Six Questions with René Redzepi

Six Questions with René Redzepi

As many food lovers know, Denmark has recently become a culinary destination. The man chiefly responsible for the transformation is René Redzepi, of the famous noma restaurant in Copenhagen (which closed in February). His influence has spread across the country, with numerous chefs who trained with him now flying the colors of his New Nordic cooking, which espouses local, seasonal and often wild, foraged ingredients. Here are six outstanding Denmark restaurants.

Denmark Restaurants

As food lovers know, Denmark has recently become a culinary destination. Here are six outstanding Denmark restaurants Mr.

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Lav mad som noma derhjemme - Euroman/Ox Tartar with Tarragon Mayonnaise & Juniper