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How To Stop Drinking Beer. Here are seven effective techniques to quit drinking liquor on your own. These natural methods will enable you to stop drinking alcohol easily.

Full low-carb beer list

A Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol: Can they Mix

Hitting the bar isn’t quite as healthy as, say, hiking; but it doesn’t have to be a calorie-fest, either.

How to Choose the Healthiest Beer, Wine, and Cocktails [INFOGRAPHIC]

Healthier Drinking Infographic How to choose the healthiest beer, wine and cocktails

Increase your life energy!!  Capable of most, but who really wants to quit drinking alcohol all together! ;)

Food is not the only thing that can increase our life energy. Our breath, thoughts, surroundings, music, people all have an effect!

Don't Drink and Drive Beer Bottle Cap.

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Media Don't Drink and Drive Beer Bottle Cap. Very creative and awesome. Thought went into this but it is very powerful and sends a good message.

Ginger Beer Lemonade Recipe   (nonalcoholic)   sounds yum. Will make as soon as I locate ginger beer-- might be quite the hunt!

Recipe for simple, 4 ingredients Ginger Beer Lemonade from the I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook.

"That man - he's done it again! Schlitz!"     If I came home to a fridge full of Schlitz?    Someone would DIE.

Vintage Schlitz Beer Ad woman's refrigerator full of beer only, That man - he's done it again!

Reinheitsgebot [Rine - heights - ge - boat] -noun Also known as the “German Purity Law” of 1516 that placed a regulation on the production and solicitation of beer in Germany.  -example  Spaten beer has been crafted according to the Reinheitsgebot since 1516.

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Nothing conjures thoughts of beach breezes quite like a cocktail made with rum and fresh pineapple juice. But the mix isn’t just a summertime drink, especially when you add ingredients that’ll spice it up. The libation is finished with bitters and a skewer of brandied cherries, and we suggest sipping it by the fire while dreaming up your next tropical getaway.

This tropical rum cocktail is dosed with fresh ginger juice for a spicy twist.

While a glass of wine or a bottle of beer can seem like the perfect way to unwind after a long week, or mark a special occasion, there’s a growing body of research that says alcohol isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You don’t have to be a ‘binge drinker’ to be worried about the negative effects of alcohol on your physical and mental…   [read more]

14 Surprising Things That Happen To Your Body When You Give Up Alcohol

Built to Last: Collecting Age-Worthy Wine

If most wines only last a couple of years, what makes a wine worthy of cellaring years? Let's discuss the primary traits of age-worthy wines and what considerations to make for collecting age-worthy wines.