IMPORTANT: Bisexuality is attraction to any 2 genders, not necessarily males and females. I just learned that from a friend in high school.

Honesty tho ppl always say mean things about being "gay" like its an insult , lets change that >>> I didn't know there were so many different terms. I'm definitely queer, but am I androsexual or just pomosexual?

And that also doesn't mean you don't like males,females or non binary people over one or the other because I like guys more but that doesn't mean I don't like females or non binary people we all have preferences

cant tell if im heterosexaual PANromantic or Heterosexual BIromatic? Either way im Heterosexual Polyamorous.

Okay, guys. I thought I should come out right now. I'm a panromantic and genderfluid. Thought you should know.<<This was left by the last person to pin this.  I too am genderfluid and panromantic, panromantic means you are open to having a romantic relationship with a man, woman, intersexual (someone who isn't physically 100% male or female), genderqueer (someone whose gender identity doesn't match their biological sex [there is lots of scientific evidence that gender and biological sex can…

And technically your gender expression doesn't have to match this or you could be androgynous and dress the same way! This isn't just for genderfluid people but it definitely doesn't negate them either

Every form you've ever filled out has this question, right? People say, "But it's medical, so it must be one or the otherl!" First, most forms *aren't* medical, and really mean something like "gender." When it *IS* for medical purposes? See the article at for 60+ biological conditions where the "medical" answer is "both/and". VERY difficult area for people to get their head around! "Boxes" from Robot.Hugs

Many people feel this way when coming across gender identity questions therefore a new method of asking this question should be created.

YES. It's so hard explaining that I'm trans but I'm not a boy, I'm non binary..

I'm nonbinary, but don't choose to identify as trans. But many enbies do! And they're still just as trans as a binary trans person!

Too Queer for Your Binary: Everything You Need to Know and More About Non-Binary Identities

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

It’s true that gender is a complex idea that means something different to every…

we can tell when you actually put in effort as opposed to just disregarding our pronouns/identities. ignoring  your mistake instead of correcting yourself speaks volumes about how much you respect my identity.

Wow, their freind's are terrible. They need to learn Their proper pronouns or get out of their life. This goes for anyone who is trans/nb/genderfluid/gender flux.

Don't constrict yourself with labels and do what makes you happy. CLOTHES AND HAIR AND VIDEOGAMES AND MAKEUP DONT HAVE GENDER. And sometimes neither do people

This is my feminism: letting people express themselves however they want. Stop seeing everything as Box A + Box B, and saying, "I can't do anything in Box A, it goes against my genitalia"

As a nb person I think that having all of these random household foods and oddball objects becoming "genders" is harmful. Mayonnaise is a salad dressing that some people put on sandwiches. Genders are a spectrum. Kthxbye (love with food fun)

They are not defending mayonnaise, they are defending the non-binary gender, and condemning people who mock gender representation trough memes

Rly guys? why do we need a flag for fucking everything?  No I'm not anti LGBT+ it just annoys me that everyone seems to need a personal gender

Gender spectrum Sexual Orientation spectrum<<I know more about this than a lot of my LGBTQ friends.

Here's just a few pride flags. There are soooo many sexualities and genders besides this: demisexual, agender, polysexual, and gender fluid just to name a few. It's a spectrum, not a few choices.

Here's just a few pride flags. There are soooo many sexualities and genders besides this: demisexual, agender, polysexual, and gender fluid just to name a few. It's a spectrum, not a few choices. And yes us lesbians have our own flag