How non-profits are using social (infographic) ht @zoewithdots

How Non-Profits Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

How the Top 50 Nonprofits do Social Media - The full infographic from Craig Newmark and the CraigConnects team courtesy of

Nonprofit Communications - Content Strategy by kivilm, via Flickr -content marketing strategy is vitally important in order to be you have one?

Nonprofit Communications - Content Strategy: ways to help clarify and improve our posts and social media content

How To Recruit New Volunteers For Your Non Profit | Non Profit Marketing

How To Recruit New Volunteers For Your Non Profit

Blogging is still very important in this day and age. You are going to have an easier time generating leads, increasing review, and growing your presence when you have a solid blog behind your business. This infographic gives you an idea why your non-profit business should get serious about blogging: [via Bloomerang]  | Social Media Management, Social Media Mentoring and Training, Blog Writing for Businesses in Norfolk | LAMB Social Media Management

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Kellie Clapper is an assistant vice president of public affairs at State Farm Insurance. She is helping State Farm launch Cause An Effect, the company’s first crowdsourced philanthropy program, which gives people a chance to bring home one of 40 $25,000 grants to their neighborhood.    As brand...

Crowdsourced Philanthropy: Is It Worth the Risk?

These days, non-profits are strategizing online content to help connect with the right web audiences. The concept of creating content to engage with your audience isn’t new, esp.

5 Ways Non Profit Organizations Can Use Pinterest. This would be good to know if I can get my dream job working with a non profit.

5 Ways Organizations Can Use This would be good to know if I can get my dream job working with a non profit.

Infograph Explaining How To Build a Non-Profit Website for under $100 [Infographic - Online Marketing, Web Design, NonProfit, Charity]

How To Start A Nonprofit Website For $100 Or Less - #infographic

How to tell a fun, compelling non-profit story (Infographic) »  Charity Digital News

[Infographic] How to tell a non profit story. Every nonprofit has a story. Whether it starts out in the back room of a friends apartment, as a student organized group on a college campus, or in Silicon Valley, every nonprofit starts somewhere.

3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Cannot Operate Like Businesses | Sumac Non-profit Software

8 Brilliant Non-profit Newsletter Ideas from the Experts - Sumac Non-profit Software

8 EMAIL FUNDRAISING TIPS - #Infographic by Tom Perrault - 1) Tell a story 2) Call to action 3) Mobile friendly and 8) Show the impact - Thank each respondent and remind them of how they helped."

Buddy Walk - Fundraising -- Email Fundraising Tips For Nonprofits: utilize your email contact list to raise money for your Buddy Walk team!

Nonprofit Marketing Guide--excellent resource for nonprofit marketing including social media

Advice and Tips for Nonprofits on Growing Your Email List

Christmas is a time for giving gifts, therefore it only seems apt that Facebook has launched a "Donate" button for Non-Profits to make it easier for Facebook users to donate their money.

Facecbook has unveiled a new 'Donate Now' button for a limited number of non-profit organizations, allowing users to give out donations directly.