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bangs black_hair body_writing dissolving_clothes highres japanese_clothes kimono looking_at_viewer mask mask_removed nora_(noragami) noragami obi red_eyes ripples sash short_hair solo tree triangular_headpiece water yomi_yasou

Só eu que amo a Hiiro (Nora)? Um dos best personagens.Sua personalidade me encanta!

UGH I HATE NORA! She is just a pain in the butt like stop being so annoying thx

anime: Noragami personaje: Nora

N O R A Norra is pretty sad personage i think that she is like Yukine,she like him is lost but she shows from another away

Kane (Pixiv5607168), Noragami, Nora (Noragami)

Anime picture noragami studio bones nora (noragami) kane (kanekiru) single blush short hair looking at viewer black hair fringe smile sitting japanese clothes traditional clothes pink eyes night night sky cherry blossoms hieroglyph reflection 393192 en