Yes we find this out in noragsmi aragoto episode 13( last episode)

Noragami ~ Well of course! we all know that! if you've watch all of noragami that is

Noragami Episode #06 Anime Review

Yato and Yukine are suddenly attacked by Bishamon, a skimpily-dressed goddess of war. While Yato tries to deal with the situation in an injured state, Hiyori seeks help from another god.

Noragami episódio 8 Yato chorando

So beautiful, the reflection in yato's crying eyes is from Hyori and Yukine - Noragami

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Noragami Episode #07 Anime Review

Bishamon and other gods must exterminate the Phantoms that have poured out of the newly-opened Vent. However, Yukine and Yato are still on unfriendly terms - a fact that the mysterious Nora uses to her advantage.

Noragami Episode #01 Anime Review :: I can't wait for this one to get to so I can see it!

That doesn't look wrong at all Yato. What kind of god did you say you were again? XD Yato face made my day in this scene

Yato hiyori yukine kappa land

They replaced the paper in anime, in manga it said "Marry me" (yukine's paper) "Hiyori?" (Yato's paper that got blown away)

Noragami Season 1 Episode 11 English Sub. A minor god seeking to gain widespread worship teams up with a human girl he saved to gain fame, recognition and at least one shrine dedicated to him.

Noragami Aragoto (Sub) Episode 003 - Watch Noragami Aragoto (Sub) Episode 003 online in high quality