Booking Basket for Norwex Parties

Booking Basket for Norwex Parties

Learn how to host a Norwex party on Facebook and get free products for your home. Contact me at to schedule your Norwex party!

What you'll need to party online with Younique!

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Envirocloth 101 How many of these have you tried?

Remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with your Norwex Mop System when following the proper care & use instructions!

The Norwex mop system is a hostess reward in January Have an online or book party today!  Or on Facebook @ Rebecca Roeper, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

Norwex Cleaning Cloths GIVEAWAY + Upcoming Facebook Party                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Reasons to host a Jamberry FB Party

Your Clean Queen Norwex Party | Smore

Your Clean Queen Norwex Party

Norwex UPP laundry detergent.   Http://

This is how Norwex Power Plus detergent dissolves during your wash cycle compared to other brand name soaps.

Host a party!! You know you want Norwex for free with free shipping!! Ask me how!

Contact me to host your online Norwex party form the comforts of your home.

 This is for real my daughters face when she hears someone doesn't know what Norwex is... Complete SHOCK! To instill chemical free cleaning and eco friendly solutions at this young of an age are huge steps towards changing the next generation! ‍‍✨♻️ #chemicalfreecleaning #microfiber #norwex #microsilver

The kids flew through the lesson in music class.