Spent so much time trying to draw a nose, its so hard! but found this and it made it so much easier. Looks great

How to draw a nose from the front - 7 easy steps

How to Draw the Nose (Front View) - RapidFireArt <<< this is super helpful because we're dping a portrait unit in art rn

Nose practice, looks a bit dodgy XD

How to Draw a Sea Turtle Handout

Noses by ~chibiki on deviantART https://www.facebook.com/CharacterDesignReferences

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Destiny blue

You might have noticed I've got back to drawing and posting art recently (like this little pencil sketch I colour in ^) and people have been asking for an update of how I'm doing Briefly, if you do.

Facial color palettes around the world

Facial color palettes around the world

Facial Structures After overlaying thousands of portraits by ethnicity this artist rendered them into single people to better understand facial similarities and differences.