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Fun facts about your sign here.the joy of being in capricorn. Silly silly but optimistic

23rd, Solar Eclipse lasts for 6 months. You have an easier time looking back at the past, whether this is on your childhood, memories or other issues, perhaps someone from the past is helping you move forward into a new phase of your life or perhaps you are contemplating your focus in a new direction.  Either way you are beginning to concentrate on your goals, future and new opportunities

From to March Planet Mercury enters Pisces in your Solar house: Spending quality time in the home or with your family appeals strongly during this period, you may discuss the past, memories or express your feeling and emotions with loved ones and family.

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ipodofdoom: “zodiacspot: “Which Zodiac Squad would you fit in? Find out here ” Hahaha hell yeah… Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Sagittarius Rising… I was destined to be this way!

Fun facts about your sign here

Pisces: "A female is the one girl in the group of all guy friends." I always had guy friends and only one or two girl friends.

Cancer Zodiac Sign can just snap... yep, usually into tears.

I stay ready.the worst day of your life if you mess with anyone I love and care for.

I am a Leo so I protect the people whom I care about.

Not a fear, fact, just the way I am and the way things have always been in my life.I love, I know I have, more than anyone has ever loved me.

Hm. But seriously, stop swinging from the door frames, pull up bar, and basketball net... please?

Z for Zodiac. But seriously, stop swinging from the door frames, pull up bar, and basketball net.