Untitled #49 by vivi-g6 on Polyvore featuring Vans, RetroSuperFuture, StreetStyle, Fall, tumblr, glasses and Fall2016

A fashion look from November 2016 featuring Vans sneakers and RetroSuperFuture eyeglasses.

Jess. 20. ISFP. Architecture student and aspiring Historic Preservationist. Organization freak and...

studywithinspo: “ The evolution of my bullet journal in seven pictures. I just filmed a new video, it’s a bullet journal flip through detailing all my tips, set-ups, and decorations.

Lion King. Most spectacular use of puppetry, scenery, staging and set I've ever seen. beat-camp.co.uk

The Lion King Broadway Musical. I saw it in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and it is fantastic. I felt like I was watching Lion King for the first time.

#ellielee-I was a canvas. Skin so pale it was almost transparent, lines of blue and purple crossed over and branched off like the markings on a map directing my blood flow. I was a canvas. Staring at my veins I feel concealed and restrained, I'm a prisoner in my own body forced to wake up and go about my daily hell whilst the world mistakes me as part of it's scenery. I am irrelevant, apart of a chain moulded by society. I am told what I can and can't feel and so I am happy, I don't feel…

The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy

Destroy your negative thoughts. Destroy his voice in your head. Destroy his power over you. You are safe, work towards feeling safe.