The 1950s nuclear family...Dad works, mom stays home with her two children-a boy and a girl- house is spotless when dad comes home and dinner on the table.

Example of a nuclear family. A nuclear family has a father, mother, 1 to 2 children, and maybe a pet, or in this case a riding horse.

'Nuclear family': 1950s Britain is dearly remembered by many who grew up in that era

A vanished Britain: 50 years ago we were a country where doors were left unlocked and children played in the street

TV Shows We Used To Watch - 1955 Television advertising When ITV launched on 22 September the BBC's television service had been running unchallenged for almost two decades and was fast gaining popularity.

Life of a 50s Housewife

I can't get enough of these super-idealized illustrations of mid-century nuclear families.

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Sigh. It amazes me how many people still believe that wolves form packs naturally. Packs are maladaptive hierarchies which wolves form when forced to live in captivity with those that aren't kin. Wolves live in nuclear families when in the wild. Please study an animal before perpetuating untruths. See L. David Mech's most recent work, some of which is available on the iBookstore.

arctic-pack: “ There is NO sexism in a wolf pack. Although, both genders fight their own gender over ranking positions, wolves see each other as equal individuals and work together as a team.

NYU professor argues against nuclear family, monogamy, anti-polygamy laws

During a law school debate on April New York University professor Judith Stacey argued against the nuclear family and monogamous relationships.

Nuclear Family

"Nuclear Family" by RC deWinter Don't miss the poignant original poem in the description that goes with this art.

NUCLEAR FAMILY (everyday 01.07.16) Art Print

NUCLEAR FAMILY (everyday 01.07.16) Art Print

Nuclear Family, Art Work, Pine, Art Print

Vintage -The perfect wife and mother is always on time...yeah, right!

Dont rush me. Im waiting til the last minute retro funny kitchen towel

“Nuclear Family” decal

“Nuclear Family” decal

Brandon Bird: "Nuclear Family" - I would put this on my car

Obama Gives Whole New Meaning to 'Nuclear Family' »

The Iran Nuclear Deal has caused some distrust with Iran. Some people believe that Iran is creating nuclear weapons behind the worlds back.

This is just too creepy for words!

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