It could provide clean, cheap, inexhaustible power to the world. So why haven't we figured it out yet?

Although expensive to build and maintain the infrastructure required to implement, the energy output of nuclear fusion is enough to support entire cities in a sustainable fashion with minimal energy input.

This info-graphic titled 'Things to Know about Nuclear Energy' is created with the central theme of telling customers about nuclear energy.

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The atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were terribly destructive. Hydrogen bombs are over 3,000 times as powerful. Here's why.

H-Bomb- Is a hydrogen bomb, more powerful than an atomic bomb. Created by Edward Teller the US detonated the hydrogen bomb in 1952 in the Marshall islands.

Cloth Book for Babies  Nuclear Physics by VerdantViolet on Etsy, $39.00

Cloth Book for Babies - Nuclear Physics

Baby's First Nuclear Physics Book! This is the perfect introduction to the amazing world of the atomic nucleus. Other titles in the "Baby's First" series: Molecular Genetics, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology.

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, the first black woman to earn a doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in nuclear physics.

Shirley Ann Jackson is the first black woman to earn a doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in nuclear physics. She is now the president of RPI.

What Is a Nuclear Meltdown?

A nuclear meltdown is an informal term for a severe nuclear reactor accident that results in core damage from overheating. The term is not officially defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency or by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

History of atomic theory. Infographic.

A Brief History Of Atomic Theory [Infographic] We condensed years of atomic theory into a single infographic.

Hidden Truth Behind Discovery of God Particle – Detailed Case Study [Infographic]

The Higgs boson is perhaps better known by its nickname: the "God particle." Discovery of God Particle is a major breakthrough in the field of nuclea. The God Particle, I hate that name, using this is giving those religious crazies a nod.

Cloth Book for Babies Nuclear Physics.   So getting this for me kids so they can be just like daddy :)

Cloth Book for Babies - Nuclear Physics

Particles Physics - Elementary Particles My Dear Watson!

The world’s top particle physics lab said Friday it had measured the decay time of a particle known as a Bs (B sub s) meson into two other fundamental particles called muons, which are much heavier than but similar to electrons.

Recently, New Scientist had an article about Emmy Noether because 2015 is the one hundredth anniversary of Noether’s Theorem. I’m not going to link to it because it’s behind a pay wall. A couple of…

Unsung? I hardly think so

Lise Meitner was an Austrian, later Swedish, physicist who worked on radioactivity and nuclear physics. Meitner was part of the team that discovered nuclear fission, an achievement for which her colleague Otto Hahn was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Black History Tid-Bit: George Alcorn, inventor of the Imaging X-ray Spectrometer

Read a biography of George Alcorn, an African-American who received the NASA Inventor of the Year Award for his development of the Imaging X-ray Spectrometer.

Encyclopedia Of Nuclear Physics And Its Applications PDF

Encyclopedia Of Nuclear Physics And Its Applications PDF - books library land