4 reasons to consider a nurse midwife. #pregnancy #infographic

4 Reasons to Consider a Nurse Midwife (Infographic)

Nurse Midwife Salary

How much does a midwife make? What is the highest or maximum midwife pay? Get info on Nurse Midwife Salary.

Nurse Midwife Salary Income | How Much Money Does a Nurse Midwife Make?

How much money does a nurse midwife make? Nurse midwives earn a very competitive salary (yearly income). The average hourly wage for a nurse midwife in 2014 .

Once the education requirements and the examination has been passed, you are a certified nurse-midwife, enjoying an average annual salary of $114,152. More importantly, you can start making an immediate impact on the lives of women, and their unborn babies. Every day in the life of a midwife is different; each patient and each birth are unique. If you long for a career that encourages close interaction with your patients, midwifery is for you.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Certified Nurse Midwife? [Infographic]

Many nurses struggle every day just to make the minimum payment on their loans. Refinancing your student loans may help save you money!

Top 10 highest paying nursing specialties | Scrubs – The Leading Lifestyle Nursing Magazine Featuring Inspirational and Informational Nursing Articles

Top 10 highest paying nursing specialties

Pay shouldn't be your only consideration when deciding on a specialty, but this list of the highest paying nursing specialties is a good primer on where you'll find the greatest earning potential.

Pay a Nurse Midwife's Salary for a Week Item # 28337 A Midwife in Nepal

Pay a Nurse Midwife's Salary for a Week Item # 28337 A Midwife in Nepal

14 Obstetrics & Newborn Care Nursing Flashcards: http://www.nursebuff.com/obstetrics-newborn-care-nursing-mnemonics/

Additional Information: The first day your baby is born, she or he starts learning. All the conversations and interactions that you voice while taking care of

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Pay a Nurse Midwife's Salary for a Week

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In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, iTriage created an infographic about the anatomy and function of the breasts.


Your nurse midwife salary can vary depending upon your specialization.

Nurses holding an MSN earn quite a bit more than ADN or BSN prepared. There is some great informaiton about the average Salary with a MSN Masters Degree that is a MUST READ for any nurse Source: http://nursejournal.org/msn-degree/what-is-the-average-salary-with-a-msn-nursing-degree/

Average Salary with a MSN Masters Degree - I've often wondering whether getting a masters degree in nursing will increase my salary.