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Student Nurse Memes

The nursing home said the patient could toilet himself but the giant shit stain in the wheelchair determined that was a lie - Maury Povich Lie Detector Test

Nursing School Problems!

20 Signs You Are In Nursing School

My first friday of nursing school and this is how I feel exactly. Nursing school, where weekends no longer exist. Only radiology instead of nursing!

Nursing school is easy... :-)

You know that making it through nursing school was equivalent to traveling around the nine circles of hell. 24 Truths Every Nurse Knows All Too Well

If I died & went straight to hell it would take me a week to realize I wasn't in nursing school anymore

Our 5 favorite nursing memes on Tumblr this week


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Dear Lord Baby Jesus please let me pass these nursing finals! Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Nursing school humor. Nursing student. Student RN. Registered Nurse. Meme. Talladega Nights meme. Nursing finals.

The truth about Fantasy Football (25 Photos)

I am not a nursing student but this is funny! Dear Lord Baby Jesus please let me pass these nursing finals!

Nursing: when you're not sure whether it's Saturday or Tuesday.

100 Nursing Memes That Will Definitely Make You Laugh


Circulation Assessment - important for musculoskeletal assessments and for assessing when someone has a cast or ACE bandage on.