Nursing shawl

How to make a chic nursing cover - I actually use it as a shawl while I work, too! It was so easy to make; take a piece of jersey fabric, sew together at the ends and wear! So simple.

How to make a chic nursing cover

Make breastfeeding on the go look good with this DIY infinity nursing scarf that is a breeze to make with your favorite jersey-knit fabric.

Family Ever After....: {Tutorial} Full Coverage Nursing Shawl with Sewn-in Boning

Nursing Cover Tutorial- FULL COVERAGE wrap around with elastic and sewn-in boning - so excited to make this today

Well, you may have heard the news – we are expecting again!  This means a lot of things, but most importantly that I’ll probably be posting a lot of baby DIYs and fun baby finds in the …

Girl Charlee Fabrics: Tutorial Tuesday :: DIY Nursing Cover Tutorial by ToddAh

DIY nursing cover

DIY Modern Nursing Shaw {Nursing} If you are a nursing mom or going to be one, check out this modern nursing cover tutorial! So stylish that you can rock it even when your baby isn’t nursing! Plus it’s a pattern even a sewing beginner could handle!

Do-It-Yourself Danielle: Nursing Cover (Nursing Shawl) mom can follow this pattern - ab

How to Sew- or No Sew- A Nursing Shawl (Nursing Cover)

Do-It-Yourself Danielle: Nursing Cover (Nursing Shawl)--- things like this is what I wished for with my first

Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl - Black

Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl - Black

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Grey Nursing Shawl

Seraphine’s nursing shawl is a maternity must-have. In a soft bamboo blend, it drapes beautifully over the shoulders, providing cover for breastfeeding.

Born Free® Nursing Shawl in Black -

Born Free Nursing Shawl -- I had this nursing cover in black and loved it. You can wear it as a scarf or shawl when it's cold, and then cover up when it's time to nurse. Plus it's not an obvious nursing cover like others I've seen with big floral prints.