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Classic MyPlate poster is available in 2 sizes. Wonderful positive message that is easy to understand for healthier eating.

See more here ► Tags: foods that make you lose belly fat, how to lose the belly fat, lose belly fat in one week - Plant Based Diet Plate Portions. A great guideline to use when fixing your plate. #thisismyyear #

Eat stop eat to loss weight - Plant Based Diet Plate Portions. A great guideline to use when fixing your plate. - In Just One Day This Simple Strategy Frees You From Complicated Diet Rules - And Eliminates Rebound Weight Gain

A witty reminder to eat healthily, this tongue-in-cheek porcelain dinner plate uses a pie chart format to show the breakdown of the food you should consume everyday (it’s detailed on the back, so no cheating!).

Wheel of Nutrition Plate

Created by three designers for HAF studio, these ceramic Wheel Of Nutrition plates reminds you to eat healthily.

The Integrative Nutrition plate

The Integrative Nutrition plate

Begin with the basic building blocks of a nutritious PCOS diet and master them. Most people fail to lose weight because they never turn the basic principles of healthy eating into daily habits. The infographic below is what I call my PCOS Plate. It is a simple concept, but it works. If you can make eating this PCOS plate a lifelong habit, you will not need to buy another PCOS diet book ever again.  PCOS Diet     Complex diets are very appealing and they can deliver impressive results in the…

Seriously THE BEST article I have read about PCOS nutrition. Essentially, eat well balanced clean meals, cut out added sugars, etc.

Introducing the Integrative Nutrition Plate!

My favorite interpretation of the FDA recommended nutrition plate, by Susie Procini (notice inclusion of water!

Site with great lesson ideas for teaching body and nutrition

Learning About Nutrition

Using a paperplate make your own "MyPlate" - could also add a circle & attach it to the plate for the dairy; could include example pictures of foods in each group

#MyPlate is for kids too! Click here for health & nutrition information for children over 5.

MyPlate is for kids too! Click the photo for health and nutrition information and recipes for children over

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Xhijola Nano reveals how the millennials generation can improve their overall well-being by practicing healthy eating habits.